Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book 1: My Charmed Ones! Ch11

“Book 1: My Charmed Ones! – Chapter 11”

By:  (Mister) Jimmie Ray Giboney.

Chapter 11: “Mortal Kombat®: The Hellmouth Incident”

Bubba had just popped a bubblegum bubble yet again, as he pointed out some new details on the blueprints to his foreman. That popping sound was replaced by the sound of an energy flash, as a large group of men suddenly appeared in the center of the construction activity. Bubba knew it was a Magical Teleportation. But what he didn’t know was that the agents had been there directly as punishment for what had happened to a boy Bubba wasn’t aware of. From his point of view, it was a surprise raid by the Feds! So he yelled out, “It’s a raid! Get them boys!”

“Confused, surrounded, and surprised! Hell of a way to begin an encounter!” Agent Burbanks shouted, unaware that he was paraphrasing the Pilot-Captain of the “B-17 Skyfortress” in the movie, “Tora! Tora! Tora!” as everyone drew their guns out, and scanned the area. (By the way, “Tora” is Japanese for ‘Tiger”.) They saw some Human criminal types they recognized, and some Demonic types that freaked them out! But the criminals and monsters were dressed as construction workers! What was that all about?!

Bubba thought he was in a “James Bond” scenario. What he didn’t realize, was that he was being monitored. The agents had arrived, because the Spell that sent them there, had mistaken this Hellmouth for Hell itself. The Spell had given someone else a chance to use this moment of weakness, as a means of piggybacking their own Magic. The Hellmouth was about to be used as a point of invasion after all, just not the way Bubba had planned it! He was about to be involved in “Mortal Kombat”!

From various portals, mystical martial arts warriors dropped out of the relative sky in the relatively tight quarters of the artificial Hellmouth under construction. The construction workers had been gathering tools and other makeshift weapons in which to charge after the Human federal agents, when they were surprised by the new invaders. The Humans were surprised again, because they didn’t expect on group of bad guys to be joined by another! But then the new invaders who had popped in shortly after they did, didn’t try to attack anyone per se. Instead, they disarmed the construction workers who wee cowering and bending down on their knees in compliance with the warriors’ demands.

Now the agents realized that they were in a scarier scenario then they had first thought! For when the bad guys get scared and wimp out without a fight, because of another group of bad guys, that’s serious! Maybe they should surrender too?

Then they all heard some music begin to play, from seemingly everywhere. It had a fast techno beat, which was quite danceable. Some solo lyricist shouted, “Mortal Kombat!” twice in a row. The he said, “Test your might! Fight!” Followed by a roll call of names. “CIA Agent Burbanks!” and then he found himself being separated from his men without any resistance on his part or the men’s, and brought to a fight circle, by the Mystic Warriors, the others powerless to interfere either. “KKK Grand Wizard Bubba!” heard his name next and was then also brought forward to the same fight circle. Morse’s suit was replaced by his raid gear. Bubba’s construction coveralls and tool belt were replaced by his KKK outfit and adornments. Morse had his guns, and flash grenades. Bubba had his Magical Wizard Staff, and a shiny, ceremonial dagger. This combined his past and present together!

The American Federal Agents were placed on the side of the fight circle where Morse had been placed, as his cheering section. The construction workers had been placed on Bubba’s side, to cheer him on. The beat intensified, and they next heard, “Test your might! Fight! Mortal Kombat!”

The mystical techno music was also heard elsewhere. For at the Baskerville’s home, the warriors had rained down and surrounded them too. At the school, everyone blinked and suddenly, there were Mystical Warriors where the agents had been! At both locations, everyone was grabbed and brought back to the Homeworld of the Dark Emperor to await their turn at Mortal Kombat! The Baskerville mansion was empty. The school was empty. Empty of people, that is. The furniture and other effects remained behind.

Meanwhile, somewhere near the Hellmouth, there’s the Nexus Point, which was quite full of people at the moment. It was puzzling that those people seemed quite content to remain there. Why weren’t they moving? That was a peculiar place to have a social! The Dark Emperor was stymied. He wanted to have control of the Nexus Point as well as the new Hellmouth! But there was no room to send anybody else in to stir them up. Or was there?
Mystic Warriors arriving inside concrete walls were useless to him. What else could he do? The Mystic Warriors were neutral. They served to bring those chosen combatants together, for both sides. They wouldn’t appreciate being wasted in useless deaths! They had to have room to arrive! Perhaps with a bit of good luck, something else would happen for him?

From his vantage point aboard the Space Station Cloud Nine, Prince Wesley Wyndham-Pryce the First, as the Minister of Magical Education for the Mythos Empire, had his crew working well to discover what the Hell was going on down on the planet surface, or under it. Before he reported to his father-in-law he wanted to have something meaningful and worthy. Looking over his shoulders, was two of his wives. Over his left was Princess Lilah. Over his right was Princess Winifred. They were absentmindedly massaging his neck and shoulders as they studied the same monitors that he was studying. He sighed because it felt great!

The End of Chapter 11!

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