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Book 1: My Charmed Ones!: Ch1

 “Book 1: My Charmed Ones!”

By:  (Mister) Jimmie Ray Giboney.

Chapter One: “Arrival in Old San Francisco”:

They teleported to their old, land-based street address. This was their standard operating procedure, when returning here from their new home above the sky, to what was left of their old one. Basically a crater. Scorched at that. No plant life. No microbes. No cockroaches even. The cockroaches hadn’t stayed around to test that the Human’s theory that they would be alive after an atomic blast. They had packed up and left before disaster struck. Other bugs had done the same thing. The animals that dined on bugs, followed after them, who were followed by the next in line on the food chain. It wasn’t until pets began acting strangely that Humans cared to be scared, or worried. They had felt relief to loose the bugs. The poor plants though, had to remain rooted wherever they were, and passively accept their fates.

Poor City of San Francisco, California! An earthquake at sea, caused a so-called “tidal wave”, (or “tsunami” if you prefer to be different) to form and go towards the Bay Area. Meanwhile, a new super-villain, new to the area, was trying to extort money from the Government by using a “dirty atomic bomb”. People with good enough common sense to not panic and to evacuate did so. Those who chose to not believe him, and to remain behind to watch the drama unfold, did so. What he didn’t say to anyone was that he had more than one the one bomb strapped to him. For he had also set one on the “Golden Gate Bridge” and one for the primary airport and one for the downtown area.

Plus, he had some stored away, in case those were duds. Then San Francisco chose that moment to have its earthquake known as “The Big One”. The would-be super villain’s bombs were poorly built, and the tremors set-off the bombs. The mushroom clouds were at their peak when the waves hit. So the city had been hit with a triple whammy in one day! More if you count each bomb blast separately.

But that’s not all! The “MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction) Chain Reaction” began! World War II began and ended quickly. The survivors who could do something about this, tried their very best to rectify matters. A compromise was reached. By the time the debates, arguments, haggling, and so on and so forth, were over. The World was partially restored, meaning some other parts were left destroyed. The World of Planet Earth had become like a science-project for the Magical Entities. Then some Omnipotent Entities decided to see what was going on, on Earth, for them selves. After what some may call a “War of the Gods”, San Francisco was left as the only devastated Human city on Planet Earth. A reminder of, and a monument to, the “Grand Folly of Mankind”.
Humans went on about their lives, unaware of the “Divine Intervention”, something they talk about often, but seem to ignore when it does happen. The “Charmed Ones”, had been involved in with rescue operations of “Innocents”, so they couldn’t save their family’s old, Victorian-styled, manor home. So it was goof for them that they moved out all of their worldly possessions some time before that day. Now here they were where the grand, old house had once stood. They always shed a few involuntary tears, whenever they came back to the remains of their old home.

What was kept secret from the general populace of the Earth was that since the old city was useless to Humans, it may as well be used by those who had no problems living in radioactivity. So a small colony of was allowed for their benefit, as long as they kept to themselves, and bothered no one around them. They issued the distress call. Something underground was happening that set off some sensors the Humans used, which got the Humans to investigate. Not wanting to be discovered by Humans, and not wanting to be invaded by whoever was approaching from beneath them, the “Rads” had called for help. The Humans were using satellite in orbit, unmanned-flying-probes, and remote-controlled robots to investigate the phenomenon.

The Charmed Ones, all five of them, for today had decided to wear their “Super-Heroine” costumes, or uniforms, in case the Humans saw them. Sure they looked sexy, but they weren’t here to have sexual fun. The “eye-candy factor”, as it were, was just a happy coincidence today.  Sabrina II, Willow, Tara, Buffy II, Faith, Anya, and Dawn were monitoring the situation, and were on “Stand-by” to join them if need be. Cordelia, Harmony, Winifred, Amy (Madison), Darla, and Wendy, were there as well. As the song lyric says, “Hail! Hail! The gang’s all here!”

The former Halliwell and/or Bennet Sisters, now Free Spirit or Dragon Wives, departed their old lot, and quickly made their way to the “Colony of the Rads”, who were waiting for them. There were three basic types of Rads here. “Extra-Terrestrial Alien Life Forms”, which counted “Extra-Dimensionals” among them. Demons, which were born of this Earth, and had no quarrels with Humanity. Then there were the Mutants. People and animals, who had either mutated after birth, like during puberty, or who were born mutated. They needed radiation, or thrived in it otherwise. So not everyone looked the same. There was racial diversity. There was also racial harmony. Every being living here had to pass strict tests, before there were allowed to colonize here. The Rads’ “Colonial Governor” greeted them warmly. He was a “Mutant Human”, meaning he was a human that mutated. His name was “Griffith”. “Lawrence Thomas Griffith”. He introduced the others in his welcoming party. They all bowed to the Princesses before them, as their leader introduced them, as opposed to shaking hands with them, or kissing their hands.

Prue was in charges, as the oldest Charmed One, for functions or events like this. Otherwise, when formalities weren’t required, the siblings behaved as equals. Governor Griffith, extended all of the courtesies, and behaved appropriately, as did his staffers. During this get acquainted meeting, time seemed to hang in the air. Then he led them to his headquarters, and once there, they had a quick briefing and debriefing, which seemed to pass just right, for the ladies, or rather Princesses.
Beverages were enjoyed. Snack foods too. This was their first time here, and both parties wanted to make the most of it, not knowing when it may happen again. On previous visits to the ruins, the ladies, or Princesses, had only come to pay homage to their old home. They hadn’t explored the other ruins at all.

An hour passed, and the get-together ended on a natural break. The women left the Government building, and standing in the small plaza of the town’s very center, had their own huddle. Flying overhead, the colony would look like ruins, being cloaked from prying eyes, both natural and artificial. So they could stand there, huddled like that, no problems.

A “Hellmouth” was the general consensus. Someone, somebody, or a group of them, may be trying to construct a new one. Sure, there was strength in numbers. But they decided to act in solo, to cover more ground, and then regroup after the recon. With Superspeed, the recon of surface didn’t take long. In their super-heroine mode of operations, they could process data like a “C.S.I. Team”, but do so at Superspeed. Emotionally they had also thought like tourists, or explorers, as they went through the ruins.

They were saddened by what they saw, and with their regroup they took a moment to express their emotions. There were five of them, and so they divided the city area by five. As a matter of policy, they each explored five segments, again at Superspeed. They confirmed each other’s reports. Then as Paige did her mermaid thing, to explore the water areas, the others waited. But not for long. They decided to go underground. They would begin with the sewer system.

The End of Chapter 1!

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