Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book 1: My Charmed Ones!: Ch13

“Book 1: My Charmed Ones! –Chapter 13”

By:  (Mister) Jimmie Ray Giboney.

Chapter 13: “Stop! Get Back To The Charmed Ones Meeting Angel!”

The three groups were cramped in the tunnel. But what could they do about it? After avoiding the subject for awhile, the topic of conversation got back to how could they all be here? Why where they here? Could they leave? Safely? Should they? Princess Willow, it was decided, would speak for her group, to make it easier for the others. They seemed to think of her as the smartest of her group. Angel deferred to Wesley for this matter, with his group. They looked to Witch Piper to represent her sisterly trio, and Baby Wyatt.

So Princess Willow, Wesley, and Witch Piper, were exchanging ideas and theories, as the others managed to observe in silence. Baby Wyatt was being entertained by loving aunts. Princess Willow stated that everyone in her group, because of their mutual spouse, had this quirk. They hated one-way roads and doors, in that they preferred to exit the same way they entered. They used the same path both ways, as opposed to traveling in circles, or in random directions, meandering about. So they tended to determine the best route between “Point A” and “Point B”, and use it without detours to other points along the way. When they left here, they would be returning the same way they had came, in the same method.

What this meant, was that they politely turned down invitations to visit the others’ realms, or realities, because they may get trapped, and be unable to return whence they came. This quirk usually kept them on track and from getting lost. Teleportation was thus their favorite method of travel. They could avoid one-way doors and roads, that way. Princess Willow’s advice then was for “Team Angel” and “Team Halliwell”, to do their best to go back the way they had come, if they wanted to improve their odds of getting home. That’s what “Team Free Spirit/Dragon” would be doing eventually.

Wesley agreed that in their cases, that would most likely work. They just had to walk back along the same paths they had used to get here, and said paths were still visible. However, Witch Piper said that they had no idea how they dropped in here, let alone how to use the same method to return. That was their stumper. How to get “Team Halliwell” home?

Princess Willow suggested a test of her idea. Vampiress Harmony from “Team Angel” should retrace her steps, back to the tower of “Wolfram & Hart”. Meanwhile, Princess Harmony, using Superspeed, would run back to their home. Wesley agreed, as did Witch Piper. Witch Piper suggested that perhaps Witch Paige could try Orbing for her team. But the possible problem: What if only Witch Paige could Orb out? Then Witch Piper and Witch Phoebe would be stuck here, with no way home. Should they risk it?
Princess Willow and Wesley, sympathized, but thought it was entirely up to the Halliwell Sisters. It was their risk alone. Too bad they had the baby to worry about though. Then Witch Piper thought of something and she said, “But what if the energy from her Orb attempt disrupts the delicate balance of whatever forces have us here?” And they thought she had a valid point there, at that. So they told the others of their idea. “Team Free Spirit/Dragon”, was all for it. “Team Angel”, had mixed emotions and reservations. “Team Halliwell”, was nervous. The two Harmonies were game to try the test. Witch Paige was doubtful, but willing to try.

Princess Faith would get to start them off. Princess Harmony, Witch Paige, and Vampiress Harmony, were given a wide berth. Princess Faith said, “On your marks! Ready? Get set! Go!” as she clapped her hands. Both Harmonies ran away as fast as they could, while Witch Paige Orbed up in the general direction they had fallen from. They were gone! Now it was just a matter of waiting for the test results.

The End of Chapter 13!

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