Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book 1: My Charmed Ones!: Ch3

 “Book 1: My Charmed Ones”

By:  (Mister) Jimmie Ray Giboney.

Chapter 3: “Vampire Nest?”

The alleged vampires had stopped at twenty paces, and were now looking at Princess Piper with puzzled expressions on their faces. That’s when Princess Piper’s sisters, and yes, she didn’t distinguish her half-sister from the three “full” sisters anymore, except in legal and medical matters where it mattered most. That’s when they arrived to back her up! Perfect timing! Their sudden appearance had a humorous affect on the vampires who were startled and fell backwards with surprise and awe, as opposed to, “shock and awe”!

There were only two vampires, meaning both were males, as opposed to vampiresses that would be females. “Vamp” and “Vamps” were the preferred gender-neutral terminology.  These were two male Humans who had been turned, as opposed to say, bull bovines! One was a relatively tall brown haired guy. The second was slightly shorter, with brown hair dyed platinum blond. The Sisters recognized the duo at once. It was Angel, once known as “Angelus”, and his side-kick buddy, Spike, once known as “William the Bloody”. The City of Los Angeles, California, U.S.A., was supposed to be their home turf. Yet, here they were in old, Sand Francisco. But then again, city limits, county lines, state lines, and national borders, didn’t count for much these days. Not since the whole planet had undergone such a major shift in, from what once was considered the status quo, to this new era. The borders now were good for police, and other law enforcement jurisdictions. But not for military defense matters, like they used to be. But Princess Piper’s thoughts were digressing. This had begun as her encounter, so she should be doing some talking about now, rather than thinking about old and new political policies and stuff like that.

So she spoke first, just to break the metaphorical ice. Her sisters waved at the guys, as the guys recovered and rose to their respective feet. The guys were sort of family to them. Angel and Spike had each married one of their husband’s daughters from one of the more elder wives. Yes, it was a complicated family tree. The difference now, was not only did they have their souls back, they no longer were blood-thirsty vampires inhabited by evil Demons subdued by their Human souls. Their father-in-law had removed those curses, but left them with the powers. Oh, but not the same weaknesses anymore. Holy Water, sunlight, fire, garlic, weren’t deadly to them anymore.  They could turn their mirror reflections on and off at will.
They could bare fangs without turning ugly now. Basically, they had all of the benefits of Vampirism, but none of the Drawbacks. Or else they wouldn’t be suitable husbands for Princesses!

Their wardrobe didn’t involve masks. They had comfortable clothes that they changed of course, as needed. For their heroic look, they got by with just wearing long heavy coats, instead of capes or cowls, et cetera. Somehow they pulled it off. They got away with it. No sense in being annoyed by it though. A gentle squeeze reminded her, Princess Piper, that her costume was considered sexy to the one person it mattered too most, and she stopped thinking about their attire.

Princess Piper said, “Hi, guys! Are you here because of a potential Hellmouth? Or is this your idea of camping out?” while her sisters had been waving and the guys had recovered to their feet. Then Princess Piper thought of something. The guys had stumbled! That shouldn’t have happened! Something was wrong with this metaphorical picture! Or was it a “proverbial picture”? Anyway, her sisters caught on just as she did. Then she also remembered that she hadn’t liked how they smelled. They had both smelled to her like vampires who still drank blood! But seeing their faces had made her forget about that impression. What was that rule about first impressions?

So maybe this was a vampire nest after all? Just not with whom she expected! Princess Piper and her sisters tensed, ready for action!

The End of Chapter 3!

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