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Book 1: My Charmed Ones! ~ The Prologue

Mythos Crossover Series


BY: LeoStarDragonOne.

Paige is at work writing her lover's advice column, "Ask Paige". Well, sort of. She's dictating to a
computer, and the computer is doing the actual writing. Paige, being a wealthy princess, doesn't
do this as a source of income. She does it to help people. She has her college doctorates of

course, so she's technically qualified. But she has the Gift of Empathy as well, which helps a lot.
Paige's computer could understand her, no matter what else was going on in Paige's office, which
was a home office. Some people feel the need, when they work at home, to dress the same
as if they were leaving home for work. It’s a coping mechanism that helps to keep them from
distractions. Others take advantage of being at home, and sit about in their underwear, robe, or
nothing at all, depending on the individual's quirks and preferences.

Paige didn't have to think about it. Her home was computerized, and would be upgraded
whenever upgrades became available. There was every convenience. Like the doors were
sliding doors, but still lockable. Same as anywhere on the station. Red doors were for rooms
with dangerous equipment, and accessible by authorized personnel only. Yellow doors, were for
commercial purposes, like for shops and such. Green doors were for outdoor simulation rooms,
like gardens and such. Blue doors were for men's restrooms, bathrooms, showers, and other
places for males only. Pink doors, did the same for females. Orange doors were for emergency
escapes only, like fire doors or escape hatches. White doors were for medical establishments,
like clinics, first-aid stations, hospitals, sick bays, and infirmaries. Black doors for morgues, and
other places where dead people may be encountered. Gray doors for military personnel, like
aboard naval vessels. Residential front doors were a color combination of gold, silver, brass,
and tan, to simulate old-style storm doors and wooden, front doors combined. Interior residential
doors were transparent, except for bedroom doors. They could be made opaque when occupied.

One of the special programs inside "Halliwell Manor" involved the doorframes. They changed
your clothes for you. If you went to the swimming pool, you were dressed in a swimsuit, from a
pre-chosen selection. If you went into the bedroom, you would be dressed in pajamas, or other
types of sleepwear. The lounge dressed you in lingerie, or lounge suits. The computer would
know if the occasion was casual or formal, or semi either way. If it were mixed company, or single
gender. Whether nudity was allowed, or expected. Since the computer knew that this room was
an office and therefore a work environment, it materialized her clothing to be a typical women's
work suit, suitable for her line of work. From the underwear layer up to the most outer, visible
overwear. This included jewelry, and other adornments, like say wristwatches.

Paige had better than 20/20 vision, so she would not wear eyewear. Her eye color and hair color
would change, to suit her mood, like mood rings do, but not as subtle. Since one could easily
see her head of hair, and her eyes. When she slept, her hair was a natural brunette. Awake, her
brunette hair would have "highlights" that showed her mood, as opposed to her whole hair color
drastically changing every time she was moody. Her sisters had the same benefits.

Paige wrote, "Polygamy versus monogamy. There's no question about it! The former wins, hands
down! My sisters and my half sister happen to be married to the same prince, and so we share
the same man. But there are other non-sibling wives in the harem. Having so many women to
be friends with, and to have in such an extended family way. For sharing everything, well, you
reader's must know what I mean! There's no adultery, no cheating, no swapping, no envy, no
jealousy, no divorce, no annulments! None of those negatives, like you get with monogamy. But
I will concede one problem. I hate to seem like I'm boasting or bragging, since this problem isn't
applicable to my family. But it has come to my attention, that the rest of you, or at least some of
the rest of you out there. You have to wait for your turn with your husband! This is news to me,
I'm sorry to say. I apologize for not being aware of such situations."

"My sisters, myself, every one of us wives in our mutual husband's harem. We are never
separated from him! So there's no waiting for our turn with him. The best analogy I can come up
with is, lap dancing. Except that he gets to touch me too. If you were to walk in on me now, you
would not see him, smell him, hear him, or otherwise sense him. But if you could, it would look
like I was sitting on his lap. Except you can't detect him, so I would look like I was sitting on my
desk chair. We are like symbiotic life-forms. He's always inside me, if you know what I mean! My
body never lacks for attention. My emotional needs are always fulfilled. My every sexual desire is
granted. I thought that this was the normal standard."

"Now I feel like an out of touch snob. For not realizing that, those of you who are not in the harem
of a noble man, but that of a common man instead. You have to wait for him to be done with one
or two, maybe three other wives, whatever he's able to handle in one love session, before you
get to be with him. I knew, that men could marry as many girls as they could afford. So if he gets
richer, he can marry more if he so chooses. What's the population gender ratio now?

One-thousand females, of all ages, colors, et cetera, to one male. One male who may still be a
boy, or an old man. Who may be sick, or dying? Not to digress, but when we females had the
idea of women's rights, so long ago, who would have thought it would come to this? That a battle
of the sexes would lead to an all-out actual war, with guns and other weapons. We women won.
Now men are almost extinct. I'm saying that like they are part of a different species! But I am
digressing. Sorry!"

"Soon as a boy gets old enough to impregnate a girl, what do we do with him? We let him choose
his best female friend to become his primary wife. Then she brings her best friends, if they aren't
yet married, in on the deal, and ta-dah! Instant harem! So in this day and age, polygamy beats
monogamy. Remember when monogamy was promoted as the normal standard? Remember
when people argued over homosexuality? Remember when people confused 'bisexuality'
with 'omnisexuality'? Were you even aware of the concept of, 'polyandry'? That's one woman
married to several men! It was reserved for queens and empresses, in the distant past. It may
have been fun for her, but it was a slow way to propagate the Human Race!"

“My family is helping with that. When ever we get pregnant, it is always a set of fraternal twins.
One boy, one girl. We are doing our part to provide sons, who can grow up and hopefully produce
more males. But we have a lot of princesses! So some boys we didn't make, who may be out
there reading this column. You may get to marry a princess someday too! This is Princess Paige
Halliwell Dragon, or ‘Free Spirit’, maiden name ‘Bennet’. Have a good day!"

She asked the computer to read it back to her. After editing, she discussed the idea that this topic
may be more suitable for her television and web broadcast program, than for her column. After
all, she didn't actually answer the reader's specific questions. She had been too flabbergasted,
and she had to emote. The computer agreed. So she saved what she had said before, for her
show. For her column, she read the letters aloud, which always helped her think. This time, she
wasn't flabbergasted. She concentrated, and did a month's worth of columns in advance. Not bad
for two hours of work!

She decided that was enough of that type of work for one day. Now what would happen next?
Her heterosexual needs were ongoing. There was no need to masturbate either, for the same
reason. She could meet with another wife any time, as long as it was practical to do so. So she
didn't think about sex for more than a second. Since she had just done some reading and writing,
professionally, she didn't feel like doing any recreationally. It wasn't time for lunch just yet. Having
had brunch, she wasn't eager for lunch anyway, except as a social occasion. She didn't have
time to produce an episode of her series, by lunch either. Besides, if needed her holographic
substitute could play hostess in her stead, for live installments. She had several shows pre-made,
sitting on a shelf, waiting to be used, if she became unavailable and the Holo-Paige was off-line.

So she decided to call it, not just a work day, or a week, but a month! She was now officially on
vacation! Now she was free to have fun, or be a witch. Or be a princess. Or be a goddess. Or
be a mermaid. Or to just be. In general. She drummed her fingers, in expectation of some sign
to let her know what was going to happen next. Female hygiene issues were of the relatively
distant past, since she got married to her otherworldly spouse. So urination, defecation, and
menstruation, were no longer part of her daily routine, or of her life. So it wasn't like she had to go
to the lady’s room either.

No alarms sounded. No one orbed in. Nothing. No cues, no signs. Except, well. Sensing her
impending boredom, her spouse knew what to do for her. He stood her up, and hauled her out
of Paige's office, and took her to the living room. Her clothes had changed from the work suit to
casual wear. Now she was wearing a pink tube top with matching short-shorts, no undies. They
plopped down onto the loveseat, and the big television screen, came on at the same moment.

They watched the news together. That used up enough time, and now it was lunch time. They got
up, and went to meet the others. Her clothing changed to a fancier outfit.

Prue, Piper, Phoebe, and Pepper Ann, arrived at the entrance to the dining area at the same time
as Paige. Everyone was punctual when there wasn't outside interference. Their children were
still at school. No home lunches for them. So the three and half-siblings were free to talk about
any subject, and not worry about censorship. Small gatherings like this were also a time for their
shared spouse, to appear to the unaided eye. So around the table, each one appeared to be
sitting on the lap of a man identical to the one next to him, but it was an illusion. It was one man,
four women. Actually, more than four. But in this room, right now, just four women appeared to be
with identical male quadruplets. Then it turned to five women with five identical men, with Paige’s

As the eldest sister, Prue had seniority. Pepper Ann was the most junior. Prue, Piper, Phoebe,
and Paige, shared the same mother with Pepper Ann, not the same father. Phoebe and Paige
were fraternal twins, Phoebe born just five minutes apart from, and ahead of, Paige. Piper was
the professional chef, and so she always made the meals. She insisted on it. This didn't bother
her sisters any, for they enjoyed her culinary skills immensely. The women would eat and drink
first, and then as they lounged on their spouses laps, they would "feed" him with a grape, or
something handy, as they sat back and talked about the days events so far, or the weather, or
about the children, or gossip, just typical lunch time chit-chat, or banter.

Lunch time had officially ended, and they were still lounging at the dining area table. But by now
they were playing cleavage games, as they tried to toss cherry tomatoes at each others cleavage,
not to annoy each other, but as a game. They kept score! The winner was the one who could fill
the area with the most cherry tomatoes before any spilled out. The winner got to not help with the
dishes, leaving the other three to clear the table and wash the dishes. It should be noted, that if
this were a more formal occasion, they wouldn't be serving lunch to themselves, nor cleaning up
after themselves. It would be done for them. But they considered moments like this, when it was
quiet, as a time for bonding activities. Which lunch could and should be.

The first cherry tomato to fall out of someone's cleavage fell from Pepper's. Game over! The
official count begun, to verify the counting they had done as they tossed. Pepper had scored
the highest total, but not in one sister's cleavage. Since there were five of them, that tended to
happen a lot. But she won the game, and got to sit out the clean-up. She remained seated, as the
others got up to clear the table, their spouses vanishing in a blink, as soon as butts began to lift
upwards. Meanwhile, she could just sit back and lounge some more, visibly enjoying her spouse.

That was when their cat chose to come in. Pepper looked at the cat with some dismay. "Oh,
just my luck! Sure I win the cleavage game, but now I won't get to enjoy the prize! What is
it, Firecracker?" The cat, being their familiar, could speak to them in Human languages. The
cat, being a tomcat, and being black with green eyes, looked like the mascot logo cat for a
certain brand of fireworks. So he was given the name, "Firecracker", of course. He didn't share
the personality traits of Sabrina's cat, Salem, though despite their both being black tomcats.
Firecracker loved the name given to him, so he tried to live up to it. He was loud as a bang! His
cat shirt was part yellow, part green, and part red. From the packaging of the fireworks. He wore
a mini, kitty-sized baseball cap that said "Beware!" above the brim of the bill. The back of the shirt
said, "Warning! Don't light my tail! I'm not an actual firework, okay!" Despite this display of his
sense of humor, Firecracker wasn't as much of a fraidy cat, unlike poor Salem.

Since this wasn't a scheduled, "bonding time with the kitty" moment, Firecracker knew his
appearance meant to the coven, that he was about to alert them to something they needed to
know about. So he replied, with his feline accent intact, but still in good American-English, to
Pepper's query, despite her attitude. He sat down on top of the dining table, before he replied.
He looked at his Mistress, apparently sitting on the lap of the Master, though he knew better. The
image shifted. Suddenly she was sitting directly on the surface of the dining table's chair. Even
though, he knew better than that too. He could feel his master petting him behind his ears, and

he took a moment to enjoy the sensation. Pepper looked at him, even as she was plucking cherry
tomatoes from her cleavage, and eating them. No need to waste them!

Firecracker yawned, and stretched his back, both ways, down and up. Pepper swallowed the last
cherry tomato. The other sisters returned, and seeing that Pepper was still seated, they sat down
again, in the same order as before. They placed their arms on the table, and leaned forward,
staring at Firecracker intently. Now that he had everyone's attention. Like a drill sergeant,
Firecracker loudly began speaking to them.

"Listen up, Princesses! I don't need to tell you, this is an alert situation! Science has done all
it can, and now its time for Magic to do something. Mystic sensors have detected evil afoot in
the ruins below us. The radiation and other environmental hazards that are posing a problem
for the scientific methods of handling the situation, of course are meaningless to the likes of
you, so no problems there. But the Mortals are in danger." he said. The Sisters could stand any
extreme temperature environment, completely nude, and never break a sweat, or feel cold. They
were always comfortable, temperature wise. They haven't sweated about anything, since their

The Sisters knew he was just warming himself up, with such exposition, so they didn't
interrupt him to make him speak faster, or rush him to get to the point. Firecracker continued
speaking. "They think it’s an environmental issue, or maybe even some act of terror perpetrated
by Mortals. They don't know that it is literal Hell trying to break loose down there! Let's go to the
Situation Room", and with that, he hopped off of the table and ran to the Situation Room. The
Sisters followed him. Their clothes changed into military-style combat fatigues, to help get them in
the mood for this. As did Firecracker's kitty clothing.

The S.R. Computer Interface, greeted the organic life-forms. They stood at attention, and
absorbed the information given to them by the machine. It was about time it was their turn for an

The End of the Prologue!


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