Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Book 1: My Charmed Ones!: Ch12

“Book 1: My Charmed Ones! – Chapter 12”

By:  (Mister) Jimmie Ray Giboney.

Chapter 12: “Andy Dick Wolf Saves the Day!”

The comic was a stand-up guy! He brought his posse wherever he went. So when he and they boarded the small commuter airplane, with turboprops, not jets, they took up almost half of the available occupancy. Whenever everyone was seated, and the door was closed, and the ground crew was done, “American Eagle Flight 22” taxied the taxiway, and then used the runway for take off. The flight would be a short one. The aircraft was already over the bay. Then it wasn’t!

There was something flashy, and then the airplane found itself crashing onto a huge carpet, before resting against the leg of a huge bed. Surprisingly the scared crew and passengers didn’t go up in a ball of fire! They were expecting one! So they managed to get out of the aircraft in a reasonably orderly fashion, given the circumstances.

They saw a giant boy ignore them, and grab a spacecraft, decorated like their aircraft, from the center of the floor! They witnessed all of the events that followed. When the giants suddenly vanished altogether, they had a feeling that they were the last people in the room. Of all of the people, Andy Dick Wolf was feeling the calmest. When he was a lad, he enjoyed Irwin Allen’s SF series, “Land of the Giants” and he had had sexual fantasies ever since. So this was a dream come true for him!

With all of his knowledge form watching the series, he was able to keep his posse and the fellow passengers and the crew, from making mistakes that could have gotten them trampled on, or captured. Basically they remained hidden under the bed! Now that all was quiet they tried the aircraft’s radio, and those with cellphones tried them.
The big radio had static on it, as did the smaller back-up radios, and that was all. The cellphones had no signals. So they couldn’t call for help or at least, not in those two methods.

The aircraft was damaged beyond their abilities to repair it. The crew gathered all of the survival gear available, which wasn’t much considering the size and type of airplane. Of course they gathered their luggage. The bed appeared to be the safest place to be, for now. So they began to make a survivor’s camp closer to the wall, and away from the airplane that may yet catch on fire. Though they had turned off everything, and had the fire extinguishers ready, just in case.

Andy filled in everyone on the concept of his all-time favorite television program. He became the unofficial leader of the passengers, and not just his posse, after the captain.

After what people did what you might think in such a scenario, they eventually had to sleep. That’s when Andy was happy, because he was going to go explore, and see what he could find on his own. He didn’t want people to think he was a sexual deviant or pervert! So he had volunteered to take the first watch. When the snoring began, he tiptoed to the bed post next to the night stand. Along the way, he looked up at the bed’s underside.

He carefully began to climb up the bed post, until he got to the bedrail. He walked a little ways until he could climb the mattress. Up he climbed until he was on top of the bed cover. Then doing his best astronaut impression, he bounced his way to the foot of the bed, looking like a man out for a stroll on Luna’s dusty surface. Finally he had the view he craved. One thing he had noticed earlier was that the spacecraft that had the same markings as their aircraft was smaller scaled. He could have been Gulliver to their Lilliputians if the spacecraft had people in it. Walking across the bed he would look like an action figure come to life!

Since they had all witness Magic being used, he was curious. With no people around, would the toys Magically come to life? If so, would it be a scary deal, or a fun deal? He had to see for himself.

If the toys did come to life, and there was some cute female action figures around, he wanted to find one, and see how far he could get with her! What he didn’t want to discover, were Gremlins! Or talking animals! Or bugs! Just toys! Please!

Well, from his position on the bed now, he could see up to the display shelves where the toys would be kept, if any. He thought he could see some movements up there. Now how could he get there, and back? Safely? In time for the next watch too? He hoped that there would be a “Barbie™” up there, despite the evidence of the giant boy, indicating there may not be. Maybe a female member of “G.I. Joe”? Or a “Prince Leia” action figure? Boy, oh boy! He couldn’t wait to see what he could see!

The End of Chapter 12!

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