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Book 1: My Charmed Ones!: Ch9

“Book 1: My Charmed Ones! – Chapter 9”

By: (Mister) Jimmie Ray Giboney.

Chapter 9: “Back to the School of Magic!”

The variety of special agents had the boy surrounded. They had recovered the missing spacecraft. Now what? Supposedly only the boy could undo what he had done. That made them very nervous! They wanted him to be an adult so that they could be rough with him, to relieve some tension. But because he was a boy, and he was in a sort of place that they had no idea existed before today. Because Magic actually existed! Magic was involved! They were out of their league and their realm! So, now what?

After some secret debate in whispers among them, they picked someone to do their speaking for them. Sure they could have let the most senior agent among them do it, like they usually would, but this was fairer, considering the circumstances. Plus it was more fun for them to watch! Morse Cody Burbanks, a field operative. A spy. An agent. A reasonably good enough investigator. He was no James Bond. He was no Sherlock Holmes. Then again not many people could live up to such standards. He was acceptable. At least he wasn’t an Inspector Jacque Clouseau type! He put the short stick in his pocket as he approached the school’s leader.

“Head Master Westwood? I’m Agent Burbanks, of the ‘Central Intelligence Agency’” and he was relieved that no one audibly snickered when he said the title, “Head Master”! He flashed his credentials and then put them back in their pocket. “I’ve been chosen to speak for all of us here. We need to know, can his mistake be safely undone?” The old Wizard, Head Master Clint Westwood replied, “Yes, I do believe so.” This he said without taking his gaze away from poor young Hound. Hound was gulping air.

“Agent Burbanks. I’m sure that you can appreciate security. The security of this facility has been compromised along with that of the nation you represent. If you will pardon me, I need to consult on this matter with my boss, before I can make a decision. Pupil Baskerville, you’ll remain here with these agents while I go to my office.” And with that Westwood left the student quarters. It wasn’t like the agents had any choice but to let him leave. None of them fancied being turned into toads!
A brisk walk later and Westwood was in his office. Some of the faculty and staff had followed him, while some had remained behind to watch the agents. The other students had been ordered to their respective quarters and to remain there until further notice. With the exception of those who shared quarters with William “Hound” Baskerville. His roommates had been allowed to remain in the library with the Librarian-In-Charge.

There were several secret “Schools of Magic” across the globe, hidden by Magical Shields. The shield kept innocent passers-by from accidentally bumping and crashing into them, by using Deflection and Teleportation and Memory Control, and Illusion. But a group of dedicated government field agents trained to ignore diversionary tactics, could find them. It helped a lot if they had a signal to home in on too, such as the one in the rocketship. Global satellite systems made it much more difficult these days to hide in plain sight.

Westwood connected to his boss, and after a quick briefing, he was put on hold, as the chain of command was followed to the top of the pyramid. He was on hold for about fifteen (15) minutes or so, when his boss was back to him. It was just as he thought. The agents could not be allowed to retain their knowledge of the school. But the rocketship should be returned to the proper authorities, no harm done. The procedures would be left up to him. This is where they disagreed with him, as he wanted specific instructions. Now he knew that if he made a mistake, he would get the blame for it all. Bureaucracy!

At the other end of the line, Prince Wesley Wyndham-Pryce the First, hesitated with hanging his telephone receiver up, or rather, putting it back down on the receiver cradle. He was very busy and he hated distractions when he was busy. He was the Minister of Magical Education for the Mythos Empire, and it was an appointed position. He was dealing now with reports that there was a new Hellmouth somewhere below on Planet Earth. Possibly near the ruins of San Francisco, California.

Meanwhile, while Westwood was away, Agent Burbanks had become edgy. He felt like he should be doing something more, than just waiting around. He had some handcuffs. He was curious too. There was a boy who could do “magic tricks”! His “wand” had been taken away from him. The ship was in safe hands now. What harm could there be? So he decided that he could calm the nervous, sweaty boy down some, by talking to him. He introduced himself, and even shook hands with the lad. After some questions about “Magic” in general, he asked the boy if he could do a “small time magic trick” for him. The boy had perked up by now, and stopped sweating. He was even smiling!
The onlookers were watching with bemusement, on both sides. Burbanks took out his wallet, and removed a $50.00 “Federal Reserve Note” from it, and placed his wallet back. Then he pulled out his handcuffs from their case. Agent Morse Cody Burbanks showed the cash to Pupil William “Hound” Baskerville and the handcuffs to him. Then he said, “Hey, William. Can you do any tricks with handcuffs?” and the boy nodded his head that he could. “How about escape tricks?” Agent Burbanks said, and the boy nodded his head again, that he could. Agent Burbanks said, “I’ll make a deal with you! Let me lock these on you, and if you can get out of them in five minutes or less, I’ll give you the cash as a prize!” Not only would he be learning something about the abilities of the boy, and get some amusement in as well, he could also get the boy in some sort of custody, provided he didn’t loose his bet!

Now what no one in the room knew, was that William’s parents had placed a form of Protection Spell on him. The moment William was placed into some sort of bondage; it counted as an act of child abduction and “stranger danger”. The Spell went into affect the moment Agent Burbanks clasped the handcuffs on the wrists of William! Agent Burbanks and every other agent in the school suddenly vanished in the blink of an eye! The rocketship and the cash remained behind. As for the cuffs, they were zapped off, and fell to the floor smoking hot until they were a pile of ash! Now that was hot!

William and his cash, then vanished, and he reappeared at his family home of course, where his alarmed family, were waiting for him. They’d have nothing to do with this school once his belongings were returned! They hugged him closely and asked him if he were okay. He showed them the money that he had in his hand now, as he told them of his ordeal.

When Westwood returned to the boy’s room, he found no sign of the agents, or of the boy. Just the rocketship and his startled faculty and staff. Now what was he to do?

The End of Chapter 9!

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